Results List
In order to access the Results List, you need to click on the Results tab on the sidebar.


Every AI analysis job submitted to Biodock generates a result, which is saved on the Results List page. The entry on the Results List page shows granular percentage progress:
The Results List page has four columns.
  • Batch Name - the name of the result (see how we create this name below).
  • Analysis pipeline - refers to which analysis module was used to generate this result (ie: AI Cell segmentation).
  • Status - refers to the status of the job, whether analysis was successful (Completed), currently segmenting, or unsuccessful (Failed).
  • Date Started - the date when the analysis job was submitted.
The results are ordered based on the date the results were generated.

Deleting or renaming results

In order to delete or rename a result, simply click the checkbox on the left side of the result. Then from the action buttons on the top, click either Rename or Trash, and follow the prompts.


How are results named?
We name your result the same as the folder used for the analysis. For example: If you analyze the folder name - Skin Biopsy, the result for this analysis job will be named Skin Biopsy as well. If you analyze loose files, we will infer the name from those files.
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Deleting or renaming results