AWS S3 integration
Biodock supports integration with existing S3 cloud datastores
In order to connect your AWS S3 datastore with Biodock, you will have to provide an AWS Access Key ID & Secret. If you need help with generating S3 Keys with the appropriate permissions for S3 access, please see the Generate S3 Keys page
Navigate to the Files page on the left sidebar and select the Amazon S3 option --
Provide your AWS Access Key & Secret. Your keys are AES-256 encrypted and stored but you can disconnect at any time using the Disconnect button on the top right, which will purge your keys from Biodock.
NOTE: Your key & secret are highly sensitive. Please ensure you using secure channels. For more information, please reach out to Biodock support
You can search only by prefix in the S3 file explorer (this restriction is created by AWS). Type in the prefix for the desired files or folders you want to import into Biodock and click Import to Biodock and then choose the location in My Files where you would like to import the image.
You can then navigate to My Files and start using your imported files in Biodock. See Running AI Analysis on Images.
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