Biodock provides a public REST API so that users can invoke actions on Biodock through simple web requests. This allows users to integrate an AI analysis built on Biodock into scripts and programs.

Biodock's public API is in beta, meaning that resources may change.

Also note that creating an AI model, which is a highly visual process in the labeler, cannot be done through our API.

Any action that is invoked through the API will also be tracked in our dashboard. For example, any files uploaded through the API will be visible in the Biodock Filesystem, and any Analysis Jobs submitted through the API will be visible on the results page.

Example use cases for our API

  • A script that automatically analyzes cell culture images acquired, three times a day, and uploads results to a cloud server.

  • A sync tool that uploads data to one place (Biodock) from multiple imagers.

  • A continuously running alarm that runs quality control on samples and sends an alert when quality control fails.

  • Integrate Biodock into an internal tool, allowing users to submit files for analysis from an existing dashboard.

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