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Most of Biodock's core platform features are free for academic scientists, and will always be free as part of our mission to accelerate bio R&D with AI. Academics can simply sign up for an account at with an email from an accredited research institution (ie: .edu,, and get immediate access to 50 Gb of concurrent storage and 10 run credits on our platform.

If you are an academic but do not have a qualifying email, reach out to us so we can set you up with a free account!

FAQs for academic researchers

I'm an academic user - why do I have 0 analysis capacity on my account?

Our system automatically detects academic emails and assigns an academic account for those emails. If you signed up with a non-academic email (like a Gmail account) or one that our system incorrectly classifies as non-academic, your account will not automatically given an academic standing. You can reach out to us and once we have proof of your academic affiliation we can upgrade your account to an academic account.

Will I ever need to convert to a paid membership?

For many use cases, we can extend the above limits for free. For very large amounts of storage and analysis, we provide services at-cost. Our intention is to support academic R&D with minimal cost to the researcher, while making sure our resources aren't abused.

What are the terms of services and privacy policy?
Is my data sold or shared?

We will never sell or share your data, images, results, or otherwise to third parties. We will also never claim IP ownership over any discovery made using our platform. In some cases, we use our corpus of data as a starting point to help train more accurate models.

What limitations do I have for publishing and usage?

Please give an inline citation. See

For academic account usage, even for usage towards a publication, your use case must be strictly noncommercial. An academic account is not appropriate for use by a for-profit business or institution in most cases. Additionally, being a nonprofit or academic does not necessarily qualify your use case if it is still primarily intended for or directed toward commercial advantage or monetary compensation. Papers that include any significant authorship from a non-academic affiliated author generally require a paid account.


Biodock has special startup pricing for high-growth small startups that are affiliated with a top accelerator like YCombinator, IndieBio, and Alchemist and with less than 25 FTEs.

Reach out to to learn more.

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