Academics and startups
For most companies, Biodock's plans are outlined here. In order to get pricing for your use case, contact us.


Most of Biodock's core platform features are free for academic scientists, and will always be free as part of our mission to accelerate bio R&D with AI. Academics can simply sign up for an account at with an email from an accredited research institution (ie: .edu,, and get immediate access to 25 Gb of concurrent storage and 50Gb of analysis on our platform.
If you are an academic but do not have a qualifying email, reach out to us so we can set you up with a free account!


Biodock has special startup pricing with up to 100% off for high-growth startups that are affiliated with a top accelerator like YCombinator, IndieBio, and Alchemist and with less than 25 FTEs.
Reach out to [email protected] to learn more.
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