Labeling shortcuts

General Controls

  • Shift key: Hide labels over the image

  • A: Accept AI selection

  • Escape: Stop labeling

  • Space bar: Switch from labeling to move image

  • Number buttons: Switch to that size group

Editing Objects within Size Classes

  • D: AI detect (drag the box around one object and AI will try to select all)

  • S: AI select tool (click to select individual objects)

  • P: Pen tool (manually draw objects)

After Clicking on an Object

  • E: Edit an object with the pen tool

  • A: Add with the pen tool onto an existing object

  • M: Subtract area from the selected object with the pen tool

  • Delete: Delete the selected object

Multiple Object selection and bulk actions

  • Command (Mac) / Ctrl (Windows) + Click: select multiple objects

  • Command (Mac)/ Ctrl (Windows) + Drag with mouse: highlight/select multiple objects

  • After selecting multiple objects you can perform bulk actions such as, delete, merge and change class.

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