Editing objects (QC)

Occasionally, you may identify errors in the detected objects from Biodock's AI modules. You can rectify these errors by using the object editor, accessed by clicking the Edit objects button on the Results Dashboard.

Note: some AI modules do not support editing objects. If the Results Dashboard contains the Edit objects button, then your AI module does support editing objects.

The object editor displays the image on the right with all existing outlines. At the top, you can toggle displaying existing object outlines and adjusting the image brightness and contrast.

Pending vs committed edits

As you make edits, the changes you make are saved to allow you to continue working at a later time if necessary. New edits are saved in the Pending state, meaning that the changes have not yet been committed to the computed data we display on the Results Dashboard.

In order to have your edits reflected in the data displayed on the Results Dashboard, you will need to apply your edits. Clicking the Apply edits button will start recomputing the results data in the background. After this process completes (usually takes less than 5 minutes), the data and image viewer on the Results Dashboard will reflect your changes, and the edits you made will be moved to the Committed state.

Add a new object

In order to add a new object, you need to be in Object Editor mode and click New object button.

Then you will see the following buttons: Finish creating, Add and Subtract. Once you are in the new object mode, you will be able to add or subtract objects. The color of the newly created masks will be in Green (Add) or Red (Subtract) colors depending on whether you choose Add or Subtract tools. If you are finished adding a new object you can click Finish creating, or Stop creating.

Left: Add mode. Right: Subtract mode.

This is how objects will look like after finishing the edits. Left: Once you complete editing. Right: once you click Finish creating The objects turns green.

Edit an object

You can also edit an existing object. Once you are in Object Editor mode, you can select an object that you want to edit by simply selecting the object.

Once the object is selected you need to click Edit object area to initiate the editing.

After you click Edit object area, you can edit the mask. Green and red outlines appear depending on if you are using Add or Subtract, respectively.

After editing one object, you need to click Finish editing to complete the changes.

You can also delete the object by clicking Delete object.

Once you finish your edits, and click Apply edits, Biodock will recalculate objects and you will see the message at the bottom of the results dashboard.

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