Run credits limits

If you are on a contract that bills based on analysis based on file size, this page does not apply to your organization.

Run credits are a consumable that can be used to initiate model training and analysis on Biodock.

Run credit consumption for analysis

An analysis run consumes fractional run credits based on the # of images contained in the run, and the # of AI inferences (usually crops of size 1000, 2000, etc.) in the run. See pricing table below, with graduated discounts shown.

This cost is additive, with total credits used = image credits + crop credits.

Credit pricing per image

Base priceOver 1k images (60% off)Over 5k images (80% off)




Credit pricing per crop

Base priceOver 5k crops (75% off)Over 100k crops (90% off)




Run credit consumption for training

Training jobs consume 0.5 run credits. If you expressly choose to add both region and object classes to one model (rarely the case), then training jobs consume 1 run credit.

Tips for optimizing your credit usage

  • Models trained with larger tile sizes use much fewer credits during analysis.

  • Submitting many images at once, instead of one at a time, will help push more of your analysis into our discounted rates, saving credits. It's typically much cheaper to run one very large job than 10 small ones (if it is large enough).

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