Run your AI model

Estimated time: <1 minute

Now that you have a good version of an AI model, it's very easy to run it on new data.

Starting analysis

Navigate to AI Analysis, and select Start a new analysis run.

Step 1: Select model

Choose your activated AI model from the dropdown. Click Select next to the AI model (and a version, if you have multiple activated versions).

Step 2: Select images

Select the images or folders you wish to analyze. If you select a folder, all images within that folder will be analyzed. You can select multiple items by dragging your mouse or holding the shift button while clicking. Selected images and folders will be highlighted in blue to indicate they are currently selected. Click the Confirm selection button at the bottom of the page when you have selected all of the items you wish to analyze.

Folder hierarchies

If you create a hierarchy of folders, we will create selectable groups for you in results. This makes it very easy to be able to compare groups of images once your analysis is complete. See the following illustration to see how this is mapped into a selectable tree on the results dashboard:

Step 3: Enter parameters and Submit

Finally, review your run credit cost and click the Submit button to start running your AI Module. Doing so will take you to the Results List where your new run will be shown at the top of the list with a progress bar.

Observing progress

Once the AI Module starts running, you can observe its progress on the Results List. The higher the size and number of your images, the longer the module will take to run. It is safe to close the browser tab and reopen it later.

Interpreting your results

Once the AI Module is finished running, its Result will become a link which will take you to its Results Dashboard. You can click this to immediately see statistics, plots, and data download.

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