Uploading images

If you'd like to connect data from S3, you can import data via our AWS S3 integration

In order to analyze your images, you first need to upload them to the Biodock platform. Each user has their own filesystem where their data is securely and privately stored.

You can upload files to Biodock by navigating to Files from the left sidebar and clicking the Upload files button. This will open the upload modal where you can select files for upload

Uploading files from your computer

By selecting the browse files link, you will be prompted to select files on your computer to upload to Biodock. You can select as many files as you'd like to upload.

Uploading folders from your computer

By selecting the browse folders link, you will be prompted to select folders on your computer to upload to Biodock. This will upload all of the files in the folder, even files in nested subfolders! The structure of uploaded folders will be preserved after you import them into Biodock.

For example, if you upload the following folder with the following structure:

  • 3/22/2022 Scans

    • test-image1.tif

    • Control

      • control-image1.tif

      • control-image2.tif

      • control-image3.tif

    • Experiment

      • experiment-image1.tif

      • experiment-image2.tif

      • experiment-image3.tif

We would create folders called 3/22/2022 Scans, Control and Experiment, with all of the files in the correct locations!

You will see a preview of the folder structure in Biodock after you select a folder to upload.

Uploading files from other sources

The upload modal also supports uploading from other storage options, such as Google Drive, Box, Dropbox or OneDrive. By clicking on the icons for these services, you can authenticate with their platforms and select files from their platforms to be imported into Biodock.

Uploading to a new folder

By default, your uploaded files will be placed in the folder you had open when you clicked Upload files. (Most of the time, this will be the top level My Files folder.)

Sometimes, however, you may want to upload files to a separate folder. By checking the Create folder box in the upload modal, your files will be placed into a new folder with the name you specify after they have been uploaded and processed by our servers.

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