Project settings

For anything in this page, head to AI Projects -> Your Project Name -> Project Settings. This is not to be confused with general settings on the bottom of the sidebar.

On this screen, you can change the project name, description, tile size, and even delete a project. You can also change the Featured Project Image and Channel settings, explained below.

The Featured Project Image dictates the thumbnail that will be auto selected for visual purposes when choosing an AI model. You can change this to whatever base image you would like by clicking the filename in the dotted box, and choosing an image to swap to

Changing channel settings

You must configure channel settings if you have images with > 3 channels. You can also configure just to change brightness/contrast settings.

Biodock supports up to 7 channels using psuedocoloring, but generally performance is best with 3 channels or fewer, unless your channels are sparse. You should choose only the most essential channels needed to identify your objects of interest.

Note that even if you only choose 3 channels here, you will still be able to quantify intensity across up to 100 channels! These channels are only for segmentation.

Use the Add channel button to name your channels and choose the color with which to represent them. At analysis time, you can map input images to these channels, even if they aren't in the right order.

You can also choose brightness and contrast adjustments, per channel, that will apply across every image in the project, as well as at analysis time. If you have significant variation, it's best to be conservative with these adjustments.

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