Supported image types


In general, Biodock has limited support for 3D and time-series data
Time series
Biodock does not support time series data within a single file, time series traces on the Dashboard, or tracking objects between timepoints. If you would like to analyze on time-series data, you can separate each time point into it's own folder. This will allow you to compare metrics across time points on the dashboard.
3D data
Biodock only supports training and analysis on 2D (but multichannel supported) images. This means that Biodock does not yet support volumetric metrics. If you have 3D images, you can currrently:
  • Use max projection images
  • Pick z stacks to do analysis
  • Run training/analysis across each of your z-dimension images
Training channel limits
For training, Biodock currently supports only a maximum of 3 channels. You can use 1, 2, or 3 channel images for training.


For enterprise accounts, we can turn on support for any file format supported by Bioformats. You can see their supported formats here.


For academic accounts, we currently support the following image extensions -
  • .png
  • .jpg/.jpeg
  • .tiff/.tif
  • .czi
  • .lif
  • .svs
Have an image extension you want to see? Contact us.
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