Set up your project

Time estimate: 4 minutes work, 3 minutes wait

1. Create a Project

To start, navigate to and follow these steps:

Click on AI Projects from the sidebar, and click on Create a new project. Enter a helpful project name and description, and then click Create to finalize your project.

2. Upload Data

Once your project is created, it's time to import your images. Either upload files or choose from already uploaded files in Biodock.

Upload files options

  • Upload from your computer.

  • Import from Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, or OneDrive.

Choose from files

Click on Select Files. Choose the desired files from the list. Click Import to add them to your project. Wait for the import to finish and finish processing your files.

3. Configure your project

If you have images with more than 3 channels, you will need to configure channel settings before you can proceed. You should also do this configuration if any of your channels are too dim.

First, enter the model creation dashboard by clicking on Create or improve AI models. Follow the instructions to create your first size group. You'll choose a segmentation type, choose a tile size, and add your first class.

Choosing a tile size

Biodock creates a grid-like set of tiles for labeling and training. On the tile size selector, we overlay guide circles. Choose a tile size to resize the guide circles - the smaller the tile size, the larger the circles. It's very important to follow the on-screen instructions to choose your tiles size correctly. Smaller tile sizes use more credits.


The labeling tab has tools on the left side, your zoomable image in the center, and a tutorial on the right. If you follow the tutorial, it will guide you step by step to a great performing AI model in most cases.

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