Usage limits
Biodock's platform comes with analysis and storage usage limits based on the file size of the images that are stored or analyzed on your user account.

Viewing your analysis and storage limits

In order to view your analysis and storage limits, click your name card in the top right of the screen. This will open up a sidebar that includes information about your organization and plan, as well as two dials that show the amount of storage and analysis quota that you have used.

Upgrading your analysis and storage limits

Currently, upgrades to analysis and storage limits can only be done by reaching out to the Biodock team. Plans are available that refresh analysis on a monthly and annual basis.

How your analysis and storage limits are computed

Your analysis and storage usage are computed in the following ways:

Storage limit

Currently, storage limits are computed based on the cumulative total images that you have in your files. This means that deleting files frees up your storage space. We do not yet add your result data size to your storage, but some result data will eventually count towards your storage space.
We never count user data, logs, or files that we compute for viewing to your storage limits.

Analysis limit

Analysis limits are computed based on the size of the images sent through any AI analysis module. This means that you only accumulate usage when you click run on the Analysis screen.